Custom Created Chalkboards for Home, Business, Weddings and Gifts

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      A Mix of Art And Function!!!! Chalkboards with a Lot Of Soul!!


*** First choose whether you want a chalkboard that you can change up easily, that you can update weekly or even daily with features and specials or do you want the writing to be locked in.

With My Chalkboards I concentrate on the frame and artwork leaving the chalking up to you!!

With the new types of Chalk Ink Pens anyone can write a menu on a chalkboard with professional results!! Chances are one of your employees or even you yourself can fill in your menu with ease.. and the look is amazing!! No need to spend$$$ to have your menu locked in!!

***Check out each website do you like the style? Make sure to take a good look at the finished products... Do they show you ACTUAL finished chalkboards... or only digital mock ups?

 My style is Artistic and Impressionistic.. I create a wonderful faux 3-d borders with colorful artworks.. I update my BLOG regularly showing you real chalkboards .. I occasionally show you mock-ups on my web site to give you examples of what can be done.. You can see that my produced boards come out amazingly like the mock-ups..  I am the ONLY chalkboard artist giving you sculpted faux borders and artwork.. (20 years as a faux finish artist helps me with all kinds of looks!)

***Do you want something you don't see? Something a little different? 

 I like to think Out-side of the Chalkboard!! I use 1/8th inch tempered Hardboard made of natural wood fiber that give you amazingly durable and lightweight chalkboards. I can create shapes, layers, roll-ups, magnetized,cork and whiteboard options!!  I work with you to create the best type of chalkboard to spice up your space!!! I give you Quick sketches and mock ups for you to see your Chalkboards come to life.. No matter if you want a chalkboard for your kitchen or great eye-catching chalkboards for your business, I work hard at creating something spectacular Just For You!!

*** Email me with All of your questions.. I always answer back!

I am a one woman show so give me a day or two!

I love my job and look forward to each and every job!

I do not make Plain Chalkboards or do intricate amounts of wood working.

The beauty of my boards it the lightweight durability and a mix of Art and Function.. no matter what style you want..  SEE MY GALLERY FOR MORE!!


DUE TO THE HIGH COST OF SHIPPING AND HANDLING MATERIALS I NO LONGER SHIP CHALKBOARDS OVER 36 x 48 INCHES (3' x 4') Smaller boards can be butted up together to create larger board. PLEASE ALSO CONSIDER HAVING A VINYL ROLL UP CHALKBOARD DONE!! They are rolled and shipped, then can be installed right on the wall or on a substrate and hung like a regular rigid chalkboard. Ask me about them!! Larger sizes are available for Pick up ONLY

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  Lightweight Custom Created Chalkboards for Home & Business


My Chalkboards are DIFFERENT from the rest.....

Heavy, Cumbersome Chalkboards are a thing of the past!!

Anyone can put a chalkboard in a picture frame,

Not everyone can create amazing fun faux-finished

Chalkboard frame!!

I use  1/8th inch tempered Hardboard made of natural wood fiber

that give you amazingly durable and lightweight chalkboards.

Amazingly lightweight,  Look deceivingly heavy!!

Cost-effective, eye-popping boards!

Boards that are assured to create a buzz...

Faux finishes like you can't believe!!!

Faux Stone, Tiles, Birch Bark, Zebra Wood, Marble, Fabric Designs, Antiqued, Metal,

Driftwood, Mother of Pearl, Shabby Chic, Vintage & More.....

I can create 3-d elements to your board that make them STAND out above the rest..

I use textures, bold colors for fun frames to enhance your Chalkboard experience!!

Want realistic foam on your beer.. water droplets on your bottles..

how about a carved 3-d frame??

Even if you want a simpler board, I can create a feature piece for you!!

I concentrate on the artwork, the frame of your Chalkboard .. providing you a mix between beautiful artwork and a functional tool.. for your home or business...

Think of your ZeeZee Chalkboard as a work of functional art...

Classy enough to adorn your kitchen..

Hip enough to display in your business..

So whether you are a busy family that would love a central messaging board,

a gram-pa who loves to display his barbecue menu

or a happening Bistro that wants to impress their customers with a classy menu..

ZeeZee Chalkboards are for you!

The Possibilities are limitless!!!

My boards are artistic, classy and fun! 20 years as a

faux-finish artist helps me create a unique chalkboard with Flair..  



NEW!!!!! Colors available!!! I am so excited to be able to offer

you these awesome RustOleum colors!!    

                                                       CLICK on Box to see more shades...                                                      





Hardboard has exceptional stability and smoothness ideal for paneling, furniture, fixtures, toys, general manufacturing, and applications where painting or cutting is required. Hardboard is used in a variety of applications including furniture components, wall paneling, underlay, interior trim and perforated boards. It resists marring, scuffing and abrasion, as well as changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Hardboard can be used in many applications
  • The hardboard surface is smooth and free of common wood defects
  • Hardboard has a uniform thickness, density and appearance and has no grain
  • Hardboard can be securely glued or fastened with screws, staples or nails



          NEW!!!! Pet Portrait Chalkboards! Great for Gifts!!❤


                  New Custom Cherub Stone Chalkboard


      ♤♤♤♤♤♤ Pediment Style Chalkboards ♤♤♤♤♤♤♤♤

                           Custom Sizes, Corkboard Chalkboard

          ☟ ☟ GREAT Kitchen Sized CHALKBOARDS!!!☟☟

Fun restaurant style Chalkboards.
These chalkboards are a combination of art and
the convenient function of a kitchen chalkboard.

My business is chalkboards and I focus on creative sculpted boarders.

These boards came out great!!
 Eye Poppin' Fun and FUNctional chalkboards ...

SIZE: 24" x 24" large writing space..approx 16" x 16"

SO take advantage of these and get yourself or a loved one an Original ZZChalkboard.


*This board took some time to create from beginning to finish..
*The chalking area has 3 coats of high grade chalkboard paint.
*The substrate is a wonderful lightweight yet durable sign makers board..
*The art work is hand sculpted and hand painted in a whimsical colorful manner..
*Hangs easily and is so light weight you can hang on a push-pin!!!
*I have used a ribbon for hanging. Beads adorn the side screws...









                      I do Murals and Faux Finishing Too!!!

         Addressing the WHITE ELEPHANT in Your Kitchen!!!

You spend time creating a warm friendly space in the room you spend the most time in!
Then there is this Big White Space...
Why not get a custom created fridge front chalkboard??
 Change the look of your kitchen..
Easy to apply... lightweight.. Created to fit your fridges dimensions..
What a difference!!   Useful too!!
Beautiful Soft sculpted texture.. bright colors... custom elements...